Whoo! Great! We are the winner of free flight and pass for Social Media conference in London

Airline Business and Flight Global, in association with Simpliflying, are delighted to be launching the first Social Media conference dedicated to aviation and all things airline related. The conference “Social Media for the aviation industry” will take place on 1st October 2010 in Central London. Shashank Nigam (CEO, Simpliflying), Tero Taskila (CCO, Air Baltic) or Christian Kamhaug (Manager Ancillary Services, SAS eCommerce) are amongst the speakers.

Simpliflying’s Shashank Nigam (Twitter: @simpliflying, web: www.simpliflying.com) has asked his subscribers to address Social Media questions to the conference. He has given away now free conference pass and on behalf of Air Baltic a free flight ticket. The winner has been selected by a lucky draw. Tadaaa! We are the lucky ones!

We launched via Twitter not less than 24 questions, which came in to our mind. It was some kind of brainstorming. And our focus was Social Media for airports. BTW, marketeer Gillian Verga (Twitter: @ingillian) wrote in July 2009 a blog post about “Social Media at the Airport” Brilliant Tips! But what has the mentioned airport, San José Airport (USA), learned? We cannot say nothing, maybe it was consciously decided not to go with Twitter, Facebook and company.

We have listed all our 24 Social Media questions and we will be pleased to get the right answers during “Social Media for the aviation industry” on October, 1st in London.

1.) Could application stores on all things concerning travel and cargo be a business model for airlines and airports?

2.) What measures airlines and airports take to attract non-Social Media using people to use Social Media in the future?

Shashank answered in a Tweet: “Airlines need to ensure relevancy – and that’s the key to attract non-Social Media using people to use Social Media in the future.” Sure! We are wondering how airlines and airports penetrade relevancy into the offline world. Today we see a lot of Uniform Resource Locators (URL: often homepage addresses), mentioned in advertising but hardly Twitter or Facebook links. We are sure, that Social Media departments in airlines and airports will become in a few years the on-/offline communication backbone in each company.

3.) Is it worth for airlines and airports to use a specific “hash tag” list or glossary to lead specific topics in their timeline?

4.) What kind of experiences airlines and airports have as “consumer” with other Social Media provider? Whom they lend their social ears?

5.) Another aviation geek, Twitter name “@fhxoxo“, asked recently: How can Social Media help passengers who are stranded for whatever reasons or in emergency situations?

A good example gave us during the Ashcloud situation Eurocontrol (European air navigation service) and its Social Media mastermind Aurélie Valtat, as Simpliflying reported earlier this year.

6.) Is there any Social Media use case airlines or airports should NOT utilize?

7.) Are we right that a lot of airlines and airports haven’t any integration of Social Media with their website and traditional communication?

Beside Social Media buttons, how many use cases airlines and airports face according to the synosis “The 18 Use Cases of … Relationship Management” by Ray Wang?

8.) Are iPads (for Inflight Entertainment) plus Social Inflight Networking opportune for airlines?

9.) Which airlines are loved.by? “Air”-ffiliate helps to take products viral and get paid for doing so.

10.) Twitter user @airsocial asked recently: What are the creative ways an airport can use Foursquare?

11.) Be loyal to your favourite company! What can airlines or airports learn from extensively Social Media using popstars?

12.) Which airline is offering a “Social Inflight Networking”?

13.) How do airlines nd airports think about cargo tracking via social media tools (like Twitter)?

14.) Which strategy airports have in mind following others? (Whether via Twitter, Facebook, RSS etc.)

15.) How airports are clustering their followers?

16.) Quality Hunters versus Quality Followers?

17.) What is worth for airports ? One Twitter account or several channels, eg. pax, b2b, neigbourhood, visitors, employees, plane spotters? At least a question for other Social Media tools as well.

18.) What is about the hashtag “airports”? Why airports rarely show interest in participating the conference?

19.) How to achieve hundreds of airport followers aiming to be awarded with such a cake: see picture!

20.) Airports should tweet more on destitions they have service to, shouldn’t they? Making potential passengers keen to fly! Show them the world? Why it is worth to fly from your airport to the interesting destinations?

21.) Twitter at airports stands for dialog, recommendation, processing, newsfeeding! What else?

22.) A passenger can track his flight with Twitter. Could airlines imagine to escort a passenger through his whole itinary via Tweets?

23.) Are Airports able to be a local social media aggregator for airlines and other industry partners?

24.) What are the airlines’ expectations on airports’ social media activities?

Stay with us, you won’t miss the answers.

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