Twittairport: Our Twitter-list consists of 426 airports

Passenger Terminal. (C) by kalafoto - Fotolia.comFor the last couple of days we are working on a comprehensive analysis on the Twitter accounts of worldwide airports. As a basis for this project we have compiled a Twitter list of 426 regional and international airports.

In the screen shot (click on this link, 78kbyte GIF) one can see the Top Ten airports based on the monthly average (column: monthly_avf) of published Tweets (column: statusCount). Indonesia’s Departi Amir Airport is the most busiest Tweet poster with a monthly average of 1,110 messages. The number of their followers is only 1.32% of the followers @HeathrowAirport has.

We will come back to the analysis to Depart Amir or London and as well to the progress of our Twitter analysis within in the next few weeks. Please, stay in touch with

Photo credit: kalafoto –, 2011. Link picture credit: Screen shot of Twittairport analysis tool. (C) 2012 by

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