World Routes 2011 Social Media Briefings – A summary report

World Route Development Forum this year has taken the opportunity to set up a couple of briefing on different aspects of social media. During the conference, which has been finished today, seven experts did present their findings on how important the new media are for the aviation industry.

I was at least the last speaker. Hence I was able to sum up a bit the words from the other social media geeks. Mark Scourse from 3Sixty pointed out in his presentation from an airport perspective, that it is better to have genuine fans on the appropriate channel like Twitter or Facebook than thousands of never really reacting followers. Then the community, reached by an airport, could be an asset for talks with the airlines concerning new routes.

Justin Meyer, marketing manager and aviation geek from Kansas City International Airport (KCI) as well Julian Carr, MD of the airline bmibaby, told us from the old days, where passengers sat down with books and newspapers, waiting for the flight. Today more and more passengers are being online during their stay at the airport. Carr said: “Smartphone + social media + brands online = disinhibition.” Moreover it was never easier than today to communicate with executives via Twitter, Facebook, what else. KCI is an excellent example, which engagement with customers can be achieved, when passion, patience and committment is driving the communication. Even if negative feedback from user side is arriving the social media guys from the airport, some few friendly words may help to turn this critism into a positive way.

Shashank Nigam from Simpliflying gave his statement on important it is to prepare yourself as an airline or airport in case of a crisis. It may take only a few minutes, that a picture or a Tweet from a crisis scene is online. Instant feedback, full transparancy and dormant blogs for crisis cases help to get the media buzz under control without getting your legacy web sites running into denial of service.

According to Bernard Lavelle, Sales Director at London City Airport (LCY), users are “new researchers” for route development. “Engage as well with internal champions to ensure support within their companies.” Routes Online has tweeted on Wednesday (Update 05.10.11), that a video of Bernard “should be online by the end of next week. Check our weekly The HUB newsletter for updates”.

Finally Christi McNeill, emerging media strategy specialist at Southwest Airlines, gave us some good examples how employees share their behind the scene knowledge for passengers.

One presentation we have missed. Dr. Mathew McDougall (CEO at Digital Jungle) was in Berlin to give us a bit more insight into the Chinese Social Media Universe. As Matt told me, in China social media users are much more keen on having “big numbers” of followers, even if they have to pay for followers. His presentation slides one can find here. His book with the same title is walking “through the Chinese internet landscape and then drill down into the social media platforms that marketers need to consider when engaging with a Chinese audience”.

Lost in social media? Sceptical? Be encouraged!

I have had the last session today. Did presenting my thoughts on how companies sceptical of social media can see the benefit. In one word: You can not run away from Social Media. It is essential, not whether to do but how to do. You cannot avoid that people are talking about your company. With everything an airport or airline is going to public they will be noticed in social media. Sometimes this exceed the view on passengers. Target group of an airport for example are airlines, handler, destinations, authorities and brand embassadors. So what might be the reason for being sceptical on social media? Often the use of social media is a result of a certain kind of appropriation. It is not like that, that you could go through stream an messages comming with Twitter, reading bit for bit. You would be lost. You would like to get rid of this. The catching of information is by the way and selective. Experts are used to get aware accidentially of the buzz and trends. Monitoring tools help to categorize this stream of information. found out 50 definitions about social media. My favourite is the “digital word of mouth”. This shows the mechanism of these tools and on the other side the necessity to put your service up for discussion . How you cause that conversation happen.

My presentation content has been posted instantly into Twitter

This afternoon was as a premiere of getting a presentation in realtime into Twitter. The Social Media Presenter (Version “Gruga”) is developed by and enables a speaker to show his presentation on one hand and to tweet content or pictures on the other hand. It shall be part of an “Unified Publishing” suite, we are currently working on.

My presentation on “How companies sceptical of social media can see the benefit” is online.

Our tweets on the other Social Media Briefing sessions

  • RT @mark_scourse: Interesting @ChristiMcNeill at #worldroutes about how #southwest uses employee blogs to give a ‘behind the scenes’ view for passengers 2011-10-04T12:18:38+02:00
  • @ChristiMcNeill @SouthwestAir #WorldRoutes Luv at 30.000 feet 2011-10-04T11:58:31+02:00
  • @ChristiMcNeill @SouthwestAir Twitter is a media pitching tool #WorldRoutes 2011-10-04T11:52:01+02:00
  • @christiMcNeill @SouthwestAir has set up a Facebook Station Fanpage see eg LAX Station #WorldRoutes 2011-10-04T11:49:19+02:00
  • @ChristiMcNeill : Every SM task is done inhouse. That makes @SouthwestAir streams authentic #WorldRoutes 2011-10-04T11:43:01+02:00
  • @ChristiMcNeill @SouthwestAir social media initiative started 2005/6 with a TV show #WorldRoutes 2011-10-04T11:37:37+02:00
  • RT @mark_scourse: Dinner with Facebook – 3Sixty Internet Ltd via @3sixtyagency 2011-10-04T11:02:32+02:00
  • @londoncityair: Social media part of overall communication strategy. If you gonna use social media, use it properly. #worldroutes 2011-10-04T10:43:38+02:00
  • @londoncityair stated: a lot of tweets more than 5/day would cut off the interaction with users #worldroutes 2011-10-04T10:41:24+02:00
  • RT @BernieBaldwin: @LondonCityAir produces abbout 5 tweets a day. Just right amount, says Lavelle at #WorldRoutes. 2011-10-04T10:38:40+02:00
  • RT @BernieBaldwin: @LondonCityAir very unusually actually has a loyalty element – not common for airports, says Bernard Lavelle at #WorldRoutes. 2011-10-04T10:34:51+02:00
  • @londoncityair social media is still in its infancy for route development #worldroutes 2011-10-04T10:25:18+02:00
  • @londoncityair recalls what @mark_scourse said yday: Get the airport’s SM engagement as an asset to convince airlines to fly in #worldroutes 2011-10-04T10:24:07+02:00
  • @londoncityair Engage with Internal champions to secure support within their company for a new route #worldroutes 2011-10-04T10:20:44+02:00
  • @londoncityair users are the “new researchers” for route development #worldroutes 2011-10-04T10:16:30+02:00
  • @londoncityair is starting to engage people, to get feedback on routes whether on Twitter or Facebook #worldroutes 2011-10-04T10:14:51+02:00
  • @londoncityair Users tell about where they are, what they think, what they want … targeting inti brand building #worldroutes 2011-10-04T10:12:58+02:00
  • @londoncityair social media strategy means: building 1-2-1 relationships with potential and existing users #worldroutes 2011-10-04T10:11:59+02:00
  • RT @karenbryan: 5 Reasons I Love Ryanair: 2011-10-04T09:51:55+02:00
  • @jjfcarr @bmiBaby_com is doing somehow like Seneca: if you want s.b. to fly tell him about destination #worldroutes 2011-10-03T16:54:33+02:00
  • @jjfcarr @bmiBaby_com is 4 route news, updates, offers; inspiring cust. 2 travel (destination tweets) or influencer relations #worldroutes 2011-10-03T16:53:41+02:00
  • @jjfcarr quoted “140 best twitter feeds” from Time Magazine please refer to 2011-10-03T16:52:11+02:00
  • @jjfcarr quoted @simpliflying: Pax sent 6 times more tweets than airlines responding on. #worldroutes 2011-10-03T16:51:14+02:00
  • @jjfcarr talked about Amadeus study “Always connected traveller” (the source: ) #worldroutes 2011-10-03T16:50:30+02:00
  • @jjfcarr : smartphone + social media use + brands online = disinhibition #worldroutes 2011-10-03T16:49:35+02:00
  • @jjfcarr and BMIbaby is having 2 yrs experience in social media. People do trust more in social media than in traditional press #worldroutes 2011-10-03T16:48:46+02:00
  • RT @simpliflying: My interview about Social Media for airlines to @TheHUBRoutes at #WorldRoutes in Berlin this morning. 2011-10-03T16:36:41+02:00
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  • RT @mark_scourse: @simpliflying #worldroutes dormant blog for airport crisis; backup for website in peak demand spikes 2011-10-03T13:45:41+02:00
  • This is genuine social networking practised last night by @simpliflying #worldroutes 2011-10-03T13:45:41+02:01
  • @simpliflying is talking now on crisis management w/ social media #worldroutes 2011-10-03T11:46:48+02:00
  • Turn negative tweets into positive buzz. @KCJetSetter shows how important timely social media monitoring at an airport is #wordroutes 2011-10-03T10:18:05+02:00
  • @KCJetSetter shows us some pics from the good (?) old times #social_media_talks at #worldroutes 2011-10-03T10:05:55+02:00
  • Listen to @mark_scourse “social media is an asset of local knowledge, airports can bring to route development” #worldroutes 2011-10-03T09:34:54+02:00

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