Monetise Air Traffic Data with Floral Hall at Airports

A couple of weeks ago, we haved talked here about a blueprint on capturing air traffic data at an airport for billing, marketing and operational purposes. “A significant improvement in data quality at airports within three months is possible”, we stated. In the meantime we developed a web application for parsing Type-B-Messages to be run in an airport’s intra- or extranet, called “Floral Hall”.

“Floral Hall” is a Do-It-Yourself parser for Type-B-Messages

The Message Parser Toolkit (Version “Floral Hall”) enables an airport to interpret automatically operational messages like Load Message (LDM), Movement (MVT), Passenger Transfer Message (PTM) or the list of inbound transfer passengers. Instead of cooking down the appropriate figures by a black box, “Floral Hall” provides XML formated Regular Expressions. These technologies are well-known in the IT world. It is up to the airport to maintain the way of how to get the data. Airline customers and the airport can find so a mutual understanding on the information, on which billing and planning will later be relying on. The precious know-how of interpreting messages remains at the airport.

Here are two basic channels of interest:

  • Data for primary tasks at the airport (operational control):
    Timely inter-company data exchange for example, Collaborative Decision Making (CDM), landside control, resource planning, information display (billboards, Internet, Teletext).
  • Data for secondary tasks at the airport (commercial control):
    Collection of specific and detailed flight event data for statistics, marketing, route planning and billing of charges.

Avoid paperware and Excel-Lists

In terms of operations, most airports are well prepared. Many operations are so much linked that a “grain of sand in the gears” can be felt immediately at several internal instances – as well inter-company. Optimization, security and fast response time are important objectives, which provide not only high demands on the operations but also on data quality, so that:

  • Invoices can be prepared faster and easier
  • Invoice complaints go to zero
  • Easy and timely statistics
  • Potential for new routes or the optimization of existing routes through targeted programs

Our Promise

Floral hall can be implemented within three months. It is independent from any AODB or ERP system or redundant middleware. It concentrates only on capturing data. It is a self-driven approach, where the airport (IT) is driving later the customisation. Take part in the core of our software development and save around a third of costs, own development would cause.

Challenge us

We are ainimg to proof our tool against your data. Test data from about two or four weeks would be a good source for a proof of concept. Afterwards we are able to present you the results. Your benefit? You will get accurate data, never before detailing in data and a process which is partially not rendundant to functionality of AODB or ERP.

Get a first look…

…on “Floral Hall”. On our product micro site you will see the presentation layer of “Floral Hall” with few sample data. Our stress test shows that the listing, paging, sorting or filtering of 1.5 Million generated messages will last only very few seconds. On the other side “Floral Hall” will take minimum system requirements.

Presentation credit: Monetise Air Traffic Data with Floral Hall at Airports: Do-it-yourself parser for Type-B-Messages, (C), August 2011.

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